Group Vitals - Managing Small Groups, Made Easy.

Managing Small Groups, Made Easy.

We're currently building an easy to use web and mobile app that group pastors (and their leaders) will love.

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Stay Organized

Stay Organized

You can finally toss out the spreadsheets and Google Docs. We'll help you easily organize and manage your groups, leaders, coaches, staff, events, trainings and more. We're all about efficiency and automation around here and our goal is to allow you to spend more time with people and less time on the administrative stuff.

Stay Organized
Communicate Better

Communicate Less, But Better

Is every email you send out relevant to that person? Rather than fire off an email to all of your group leaders, knowing it won't be relevant to some, we'll help you send off emails to very specific leaders and groups. You'll be able to send out emails, texts and surveys by groups who meet on a specific days, times, area of the city, group type, studies and a whole lot more.

Get Actionable Insights

Get Actionable Insights

We've realized it's hard to scale your self and help everyone. So we'll help you filter through your leaders and groups and bring to your attention the ones that need your attention the most. We know it's hard to quantify spiritual and group health and growth, but we've found a way to at least give you an idea on how a person, leader and group is doing... who's doing well and just as important, who isn't.

Who's Behind Group Vitals?

Tony Hill - Founder of Group Vitals

Tony Hill

I'm a Christ follower, husband and new Dad trying to make a dent in God's Kingdom.

Nine years ago I dropped out of college to start a technology company and I haven't looked back. For the last 8 years, I've been involved in group ministry as either a member, leader or coach. I'm excited to bring my two passions together - technology and small groups. I'm currently out there talking with group pastors from all across the country trying to understand the problems and frustrations they experience when it comes to managing and communicating with their groups and leaders.

My end goal is to free up more time for group pastors so that they can focus on building and strengthening relationships with people and not sitting in front of a computer hacking a spreadsheet or trying to figure out how to work with their Church database.

Interested in learning more about what I'm working on? Feel free to send me an email:

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